Below you will find a few EVPs that we have captured over the years.  These are a few of the better ones that we have.  We have so many I just don't have the time to post all of them here!  Stay tuned for more! 



This is a Class A EVP. The name is Kendall, and this name is definitely connected to the family! EVP caught at a private home investigation in Valrico.


Captured EVP at the Brooksville Train Depot.  9/29/18

Captured at a cemetery in Seffner, FL. Says "I'm not going" at 0:04

EVP captured at a private residence. It says "You're it"

EVP captured at a private residence. It says "Watch me" after I ask it to move my dowsing rods. And it did move them!

EVP captured in the attic of the May Stringer House. Says "Pow Pow" at 0:02

EVP captured at Brooksville Cemetery. There was no one else in the place at the time, it was about dusk. She says "are you talking" at 0:05

"Here I am" caught in our room at the Peninsular Hotel investigation. EVP is at 0:03

EVP captured at a cemetery in Tampa. Says "Go" at 0:03