MidFlorida Paranormal

Discreet Investigations with the highest degree of Professionalism.

At MidFlorida Paranormal, we take your paranormal activity seriously. We are a small, professional and discreet group. We are not paranormal thrill seekers. We are not in this business just to grab evidence.  We are here to help you sort things out. We want to help you find answers and solid solutions. We want you to be comfortable in your home/business again. That is what MidFlorida Paranormal is all about.


Services Include:


Paranormal Investigating

Spirit Removal

Investigation of homes for potential buyers before move in to detect any possible activity. 

Paranormal Consulting 


About Me:


Paranormal Investigator and Reiki Master


I have been having paranormal experiences ever since I can remember.  I started investigating in 1999 and have been investigating and learning ever since. I received my Reiki Master degree in 2013. 


Please feel free to contact us at any time at our contact information listed at the top of this page.